2018-10-31 09:40:43 - Gatling report for simulation sim80reindexall

Simulation org.nuxeo.cap.bench.Sim80ReindexAll
Launched 2018-10-31 09:40:43
Duration (s) 178.3
Throughput requests/s 0.0
Max concurrent users 1
sys/Load1min Nuxeo nodes sys/Load1min DB sys/Load1min Elasticsearch sys/CPU Idle sys/CPU User sys/CPU IoWait sys/CPU System sys/Disk Usage xvdf sys/Disk Usage xvda sys/Memory DB es/CPU and size es/docs db/Postgres db/MongoDB throughput db/MongoDB size db/MongoDB more size db/MongoDB memory jvm/Threads all nodes jvm/Thread state all nodes jvm/Heap used jvm/GC tcat/Processing time and errors all nodes tcat/Throughtput Threads and sessions nx/Repositories JDBC connections pool all nodes nx/Repositories sessions nx/Directories max sessions for all directories and nodes nx/Directories sessions and cache size nx/Requests all nodes nx/Requests and logged all nodes nx/Transactions nx/Transactions rollback all nodes nx/Up and log nx/Documents all nodes nx/SessionImpl all nodes nx/Elasticsearch search all nodes nx/Elasticsearch index nx/Elasticsearch bulk index nx/Elasticsearch delete nx/Elasticsearch fetch docs nx/VCS cache nx/Workers count total nx/Workers scheduled not completed nx/Workers deviant scheduled throughtput nx/Workers deviant completed throughtput nx/Workers deviant completed count kafka/Messages IN kafka/Messages OUT kafka/Messages OUT top 5 kafka/Messages IN top 5 kafka/Messages count kafka/Disk work/completed scheduled work/completed TOP 5 work/scheduled TOP 5 Nuxeo Errors Nuxeo Warnings